Cheap Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend

I know you want to give your boyfriend a very special and memorable birthday gift, but that seems near impossible on such a tight budget. The good news is that there are some things that you can do for him that will make a great present for him. In the day of high tech gadgets and expensive sneakers there are some simple items that not only will he appreciate, but will also remember because it came from you.

Good food is the quickest way to a man's heart and your boyfriend is no exception. For a special birthday gift give him a meal he will be amazed by. You can make a home cooked meal with four courses and dessert. Make sure you add the wine to wash it down with. You could also take him to a restaurant he has never been to before. Give him a new eatery experience on his day and he will be well pleased.


I am quite sure that your man just loves to listen to music (all men do). Well use that interest of his as inspiration for a good present. You could get him a cd that he has been dying to get, or if he is not too fond of cds then you can get him downloads for his mp3 player. There are gift certificates for purchase online that will be perfect to give him on his birthday. With these certificates he can download music, and other things for free. That would be something that any music loving man would want.

Cheap Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Clothing is always a safe choice for a birthday gift. Every man wears them and any man would be thankful to get more. So for a present how about getting your boyfriend some additions to his wardrobe. Anything from a hat to shoes to some new earrings would be well received. If you don't really like buying clothes for him the next best option would definitely be to get him a gift card from his favorite retail store. That way he will be able to shop for his own stuff.

These are some cheap gift ideas that you may want to consider getting him. If you want more you should visit this site where you may find more suggestions to look over. Don't stress out too much about what to get your boyfriend on his birthday because I am quite sure whatever you get him he will be happy that he is getting older with you.

Cheap Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend

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Yearly Guide to Anniversary Gift Giving

Is your anniversary here again? Don't know what to buy your better half? Maybe the anniversary gift guide can help. The guide has been updated with a few gift ideas to make your shopping a little easier.

1st Anniversary- The first anniversary is the year of paper. Paper gifts are not as boring as one may think. It can be as simple as a handwritten poem or as lavish as an airline ticket.


2nd Anniversary - The second anniversary is cotton. A good cotton gift is clothing. Personalizing it makes it even more special. Nowadays you can personalize just about anything.

Yearly Guide to Anniversary Gift Giving

3rd Anniversary- The third anniversary gift is leather. Wallets and purses are nice leather gifts. There are also tins of leather items that can be personalized as well. (Ex. Personalized leather bracelets or briefcases)

4th Anniversary- Linen is the fourth anniversary gift. Linen gifts include table linens and vacation linen shirts also known as Guayaberas.

5th Anniversary- Wood is fifth anniversary gift. Gift ideas range from gift baskets to furniture.

6th Anniversary- The sixth anniversary is iron. Iron gifts include candleholders and picture frames.

7th Anniversary- Depending on who you ask, the seven year anniversary is either copper or wool. Cooper gifts include vases and bowls. Wool gifts include sweaters and scarves.

8th Anniversary- Bronze is the eighth anniversary gift. Bronze gifts can be anything from a candleholder or vase to a trinket or memorable keepsake being bronzed.

9th Anniversary- Pottery is the ninth anniversary. Sculptures, vases and bowls are the most common of these gifts. A great gift idea would be to enjoy a pottery class together.

10th Anniversary- Tin or Aluminum is the gifts for 10 years of bliss. Jewelry boxes or tin gift containers filled with goodies make great tin/aluminum gifts. Gift basket containers would be a great to incorporate tin or aluminum.

11th Anniversary- Eleven years of marriage equal a gift of Steel. Gifts can be anything from a stainless steel watch or pendant to stainless kitchen appliances.

12th Anniversary- Silk is the twelfth anniversary gift. Silk pajamas and sheets are a wonderful gift. Robes and clothing are also great.

13th Anniversary- The thirteenth anniversary is that of Lace. This anniversary gift's element is more for the ladies. Lace table linens, hankies and nightgowns are wonderful gifts of lace.

14th Anniversary- Ivory is the gift fourteen years of marriage. Imagination is important for this gift giving year. An ivory broche is a worldly gift for your wife and if your husband is open to anything, try an ivory elephant tusk. Not likely huh? How about Ivory soap? At least I tried.

15th Anniversary - Fifteen years of wedded bliss earn you Crystal. Swarovski Crystals set in a pendant, watch or other piece of jewelry is a nice idea. For the simple folk, a crystal vase or personalized champagne flutes add that touch of romance.

20th Anniversary- Twentieth Anniversary is the gift of China. That is pretty self explanatory.

25th Anniversary- Twenty five years of marriage is also known as The Silver Anniversary. Silver jewelry or nice jewelry boxes are always safe bets.

30th Anniversary- Pearl is the gift of a thirty year anniversary. Pearls can be given as a necklace or placed in a ring.

35th Anniversary- Coral or Jade is the gifts for this anniversary. You can find coral gifts such as vases, sculptures, trays or games made or coral. Jade gifts are usually jewelry like bracelets and earrings.

40th Anniversary- The fortieth year anniversary gift is Ruby. Like many of the gifts, jewelry is a good gift.

45th Anniversary- Sapphires represent forty years of marriage. Jewelry

50th Anniversary- The Golden Anniversary is among one of the well known. Gold gifts can be anything from jewelry to golden vases, cups, frames, figurines and other trinkets.

55th Anniversary- Emeralds are the gifts of this year. Jewelry is a common gift.

60th Anniversary- Sixty years of being married most certainly deserves Diamonds. What could be better than diamond jewelry?

65th Anniversary- Blue Sapphires are the gifts of this year. Once again jewelry is's deserved!

70th Anniversary- Platinum gifts are representative of seventy platinum years of marriage. Platinum gifts include jewelry, music boxes, figurines and gift boxes.

75th Anniversary- Once again Diamond is the gift of choice. After seventy five years of marriage, it is most certainly deserving. Best gift...Jewelry!

80th Anniversary- Oak represents eighty years of marriage. If you have been married eighty years than you marriage is stronger than oak. Nevertheless a fantastic oak gift is Oak Home! If you can't afford it, there are tons of handmade oak gifts such as furniture, wall shelves and many more.

Another gift suggestion is flowers made of any of these elements. There are now stores that offer flowers made of cotton, wood, tin or lace. You name it they have it.

Yearly Guide to Anniversary Gift Giving

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Kids' Gifts - Popular Toys For Kids

Children of all ages love to play with toys, and for that reason a toy is almost always an excellent gift choice. There are always toys that are in style or fashion, and some that are very trendy, and some that are classic gifts. When considering what gift to get a child, it is important to consider the age of the child, what they already have, what they like to play with, and what your budget may be.

There are several different toys that are popular with kids, and there are toys that are more popular with boys than girls, and vice versa. In choosing toys for kids remember that children love to use their imagination, so toys that encourage creativity and play are exceptional choices.


For young boys cars and racetracks are always popular. Fisher Price has produced a "Shake and Go Speedway Racetrack" which allows the child to shake the car to power up the motor, and then place it on the track to race. An automatic voice gives a play by play of the race, and kids and adults alike can cheer along. Lego has always been a favorite, and the wide variety of theme packs that can interchange with each other makes Lego a versatile gift. A new Wild Hunters Lego set complete with elephants, lions and crocodiles can really stir the imagination. Another building set that is very popular in Magneatos, which uses the concept of magnets to hold the building blocks together. These pieces are larger than Lego blocks and are perfect for younger children.

Kids' Gifts - Popular Toys For Kids

For girls there are several new toys that are very popular. The Rescue Pets are delightful looking puppies and kittens waiting to be adopted by your little girl. They have their own adoption certificate and information on caring for your puppy or kitten. EZ 2 Quikrochet is not your old-fashioned spool knitting craft package. This uniquely designed easy to hold knitting tool is perfect for making fashion jewelry, hair accessories, scarves or other projects. The Hollywood Barbie set is very popular, with Barbie being a Hollywood movie director. The doll comes with all the accessories, and can of course be interchanged with any other Barbie set. There is also the traditional favorite of the Easy Bake Oven for younger children. Kids love to pretend to cook, and this is a terrific way to let them pretend, without having to worry about safety.

Boys and girls enjoy a lot of toys and games together, and it is important to avoid indicating that some games or toys are just for boys or just for girls. Encouraging children to spend time playing together with toys, using their imaginations and just having fun is what being young is all about. One of the cool new toys that is loved by both boys and girls is the Etch a Sketch Wired. This allows the Etch A Sketch board to be wired to the TV set, so the children will actually see on TV what they are drawing on their Etch-A-Sketch screen. Another popular board game is the Cranium Family Fun or the Cranium original. The Family Fun version is designed for younger children up to age 7, and the original game is for older children.

Kids' Gifts - Popular Toys For Kids

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Christmas Angel Gift Poem

This angel craft poem is an ideal craft for loved ones in need. You can make this project as simple as some card stock and a plain white feather or you can place it into a box or gift card.

You can use coloured feathers for a more vibrant feel, but remember angels don't usually have hot pink feathers or at least we don't think so.


To make this angel feather poem all you need to do is write out the poem and attach a feather. If you want to make a magnet, just glue on a flat backed magnet to the back of your card. You could also make these with a hanging ribbon to place onto the Christmas tree.

Christmas Angel Gift Poem

Angel Feather Craft Poem

This is an angel feather,
sent from God above,
to serve as a reminder,
of his gracious love.

It's from your guardian angel,
that God himself assigned to you,
And fell out in his struggles,
as he protected you.

Each time you almost stumble,
Each time you nearly fall,
Remember to,
Thank God and his angels,
for answering your call.

You can make these for school fundraisers or use them as quick craft projects for girl guides or scouts to make for mothers day or fathers day gifts.

These are very popular as magnets as they are a constant reminder each time you open the fridge, they are also perfect for donating to hospitals to give out to patients or loved ones in need.

Photos are available of this completed project on my website.

Christmas Angel Gift Poem

This project was written by Shellie Wilson from - Free Christmas Craft Projects

Pictures for this project are available on my website and my be re-printed with this article.

Christmas 2010 Gift Ideas: Themes for White Elephant Gift Exchange

A white elephant gift exchange sometimes called a Yankee Swap is a popular holiday party game in North America, with many variations in play. Generally, there's a tradition in white elephant parties, family or office members exchange gifts. It's a special way that can make everyone gets a unique Christmas gifts. So to make it fun, try to make a certain theme gift, here are some unique gift ideas for you.



Most of people love food gifts. During the Christmas holiday season, there are large amount of food in the market for you to choose. You can select fun food as your present, at the same time; you should list your recipients' different dietary restrictions to make your gift suitable for everyone's taste in appropriate way.

Christmas 2010 Gift Ideas: Themes for White Elephant Gift Exchange


Books can be a nice theme gift. In a bookstore, you can find something that suits almost everyone. Or if you have a targeted idea in mind for some particular person, you can also have a lot of choices in the bookstore.

Gift basket

You can also have a theme gift basket that full of fun. Instead of a single present, you should prepare a whole bunch of some certain themes. You can select by your own, or choose the already done in the market.


Many people like alcohol, an alcohol theme gift also suit for almost every person except children. But there are also some requirements for you. First you should make sure everyone in the party can drink; another is you had better avoided in the work place.

A gift related to your group

If you are a member of a group or organization, then select a theme gift that related to your group will be better option of your 2010 Christmas white elephant gift exchange. For instance, if you are in a writing group, you can choose a nice pen or some books related; if you are in music fan group, you might want some favorite music CDs or music related souvenir.

Consider the above themes when creating your Christmas 2010 white elephant gift exchange, have a good preparation for this 2010 Christmas holiday season.

Christmas 2010 Gift Ideas: Themes for White Elephant Gift Exchange

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Christmas Gift Ideas for 2011

Are you getting ready for this coming Christmas season? Then you should check out the hottest Christmas gift ideas of this year.

Giving gifts is one of the oldest traditions in Christmas. For many years, countless gifts have been given between family and friends during Christmas season. The tradition of giving gifts started with the 3 wise men who came to visit our Lord Jesus Christ. Today, I know that you are expecting to give gifts to your family and friends.


Christmas Ideas for 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas for 2011

The year 2011 is going to witness another merry Christmas celebration. Ensure that Christmas become memorable for your love ones. Check out these 2011 Christmas tips. These gift ideas will assist you to acquire appealing gifts for your loved ones.

1. Jewelries - This is a good gift if the recipient is a woman. An attractive pendant with a chic look can make a good Christmas gift. Those who are plenty of cash can pick for diamond-studded earrings and rings.

2. Watches - This is a good gift for men and women. A branded watch from Longines or Tag Heuer can be amazing Christmas gifts.

4. Perfumes - Perfumes are usually trusted to enhance attraction and appeal. Let your love one smell good with a classy fragrance from Dior, Chanel or any reliable brand.

4. Pens - A good present for professionals and elderly folks. A Parker pen can do wonders for every age bracket. If your recipient is 55 above, then a traditional Parker fountain pen can be a good option.

5. Video Games - If your recipient is a kid, then video games are a perfect choice. There are many available games on the internet that have reasonable prices. Call of Duty or Crysis games can work better for teenagers. Not comfortable of giving violent games? Then opt for arcade or racing games instead.

6. Home Appliances - Home appliances can be good gifts for a family. If you are giving your gift to the family members, home equipment can be good. A coffee maker, a dish washer, or a water heater can ba a good option.

7. Accessories - You already know about watches. On the other hand, you can opt for other accessories like shoes, wallets, handbags or belts. A good leather shoes is the ideal thing for professionals. Women love to be accessorized with a Chloe, Vuitton or Fendi handbag.

8. Gadgets - This is my favorite part. Electronic gadgets are very good Christmas gifts. iPads, laptops, notebooks, digital cameras and mp3 players are awesome gifts. Opt for the iPad, which is the hottest trend.

Make use of these Christmas gift ideas in this 2011 Christmas holiday. Make your loved one feel special on this Christmas season.

Christmas Gift Ideas for 2011

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Some Traditional Thanksgiving Gifts

Thanksgiving is centered mostly around the big dinner on Thanksgiving Day but people tend to send informal gifts on and off to each other in the month of November. Here are some gift and thanksgiving dessert suggestions

Almost all gifts that are sent are food gifts. The most popular and conventional of them all are fruit baskets. The number of people who send wicker baskets stuffed with hay and apples and pears is huge. These gifts are available just about everywhere including supermarkets and local grocery stores.

\"teacher Gifts\"

Special cakes and pies that bakers make for thanksgiving are also a popular and traditional gift to send to someone for Thanksgiving or to take to a thanksgiving dinner. Chocolates are also on the list but chocolates aren't conventional and are not the kind of gift you can generally send to neighbors because they are more closely associated with Valentine's Day as opposed to thanksgiving.

Some Traditional Thanksgiving Gifts

Cornucopia items or decorations are popular too but most people like to buy or make their own cornucopias so they don't make the best gifts to send someone or to take to a party.

Food and fruit is always popular. As opposed to sending chocolate gourmet baskets or fruit baskets, you can send chocolate covered fruit available in decorative boxes. The boxes have a huge variety of fruit like chocolate dipped bananas, pineapple daisies, chocolate strawberries, apple wedges and lots more.

Wine bottles are also given as gifts but they're usually expensive and among the less frequently given food gifts. Instead of wine, jams and coffee mixes are a better choice.

Some Traditional Thanksgiving Gifts

Dipped Fruit offers a wide variety of chocolate dipped fruit gifts like chocolate covered strawberries. You will definitely like these fruits, especially the chocolate strawberries.

Great Gift Ideas for Women

Choosing gifts for women requires patience and care. Your choice of a gift for the women in your life should be guided by: the occasion (anniversary, birthday, new baby, graduation); your relationship to the woman (partner, parent, friend, boss, colleague, neighbor); the recipient herself (athletic, fashion-conscious, book lover, outgoing); and the price.

A teenaged woman, for example, might be overjoyed to receive a soft toy in a special case for her birthday, but women in their thirties will prefer a gift basket with chocolate and champagne. An athletic woman would be happy to receive a ticket to a bungee jumping session on her birthday, and yet a woman who likes something more sophisticated and stylish may not appreciate this gift.


Choosing the right gift for women has become easier than ever since you can browse gift websites and simply order online. is a website that retails gift items for women for all occasions, at very reasonable prices. Gift baskets are also popular, since the right gift basket will hold all the items to gift a woman for a special occasion, and you don't need to go hunting for the many small items needed by her. retails gift baskets ranging from gourmet baskets to Bath and Body baskets and Baby baskets.

Great Gift Ideas for Women

Websites like have many unique, slightly whimsical, not to state inexpensive, gifts to choose from. retails one of a kind gift items like snow-dome shaped telephones and coke-crate shaped radios.

Personalization is something that adds a special touch to a gift item., for example, retails bed linen, blankets, towels etc. printed with the photos supplied by customers. A customized gift like this will be greatly appreciated by a woman.

Purchasing the right gifts for women calls for plenty of thought and care. You may purchase gifts for the women in your life from any mart, store or website, it may be soft toys or luxury toilette cases, what ultimately matters is how much thought you have put into it.

Great Gift Ideas for Women

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