Birthday Gifts a Teenage Girl Can't Resist

When it comes to birthday gifts for teenage girls things can become a little confusing. Times change and what was popular to give a year ago is completely obsolete now. If you want to choose a great gift you have to be aware of the wants of a teen girl. She wants to feel older, she wants to look older, and she wants to stay in contact with her friends as often as possible. Once you understand these fundamental desires of an adolescent female it will be much easier to choose a gift that she will love.

What every teenage girl has on her birthday wish list is make-up. This is in order to look more mature and to be able to express herself better with her looks. Make-up also gives her the opportunity to cover up those facial blemishes that so often appear that developmental age she in. There are several brands of products that a specifically made for teen girls. Those products will give her a look of growth without making her seem too old. Make-up is an excellent gift to give because not only will it help her feel more confident in herself, but will also give her the chance feel more her age.


If buying make-up for a young girl is something you don't feel comfortable with, then how about giving her the items that will accentuate her style. Jewelry and accessories of all kinds are highly appreciated by any growing female. Things like earrings, bracelets, hair bands, watches and even keychains will give your recipient more room to decorate herself. A girl can never get enough accessories.

Birthday Gifts a Teenage Girl Can't Resist

Having fun is what every teenager really wants to do. So as a fantastic gift how about buying an exciting board game as a gift for the teenager you are shopping for. Games like Scrabble, Bingo, Taboo, and Pictionary are games that anyone would love to receive especially an adolescent girl with a lot of friends. Her and her posse will always have something to do with a present like this.

However what all teenagers really think of is clothing. They are obsessed about what they wear and about what others think about what they are wearing. So to help the fashion conscious teen girl get her a birthday gift of clothes. Buying clothes for teenagers is very tricky, and can go very wrong even with the best intentions. So to be on the safe side you should ask her what her favorite store is, and pick something from that store. You will more than likely pick something she would be grateful to have. If you are still a little uneasy about buying clothes for other people you can just get a gift card for the birthday girl, and let her go shopping on her own. This is a win- win situation for both you and her.

Birthday Gifts a Teenage Girl Can't Resist

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Gifts For Men - New Ideas

Does your man already have too many ties? Have you exhausted your list of gift ideas for the man in your life? Then keep on reading for great, new gift ideas for that special someone in your life.

Buying gifts for men is never an easy task, particularly after one has spent year after year with the same person and you are completely out of ideas on what to buy for that special person. Even when you have known someone for years it can be very hard to find something that he doesn't already have or that he really needs. You can only get him so many of the traditional gifts, such as ties, cologne, and the like. Are you afraid that the gifts are becoming more and more impersonal and useless year-after-year? Regardless, of the occasion, your price range, or the moment that you are trying to capture we can help find a new gift for him, that he will love!


Does your man love his car? Is he constantly cleaning, washing, and pampering his ride? Are his Saturdays spent in the driveway working on his car? If so, we have the perfect gift for him. A gift certificate to your local detailing shop may be just what he wants. It will give him a chance to pamper his ride without any effort on his part. His car will come back sparkling clean on the inside and out. The Rims will sparkle and the interior including the seats will look brand new. IT will have that new car smell he loves! His car will look incredible and he will so proud of it. He will be even happier that you are the one who gave him the gift. Looking for a gift that isn't as expensive: buy him a punch-card pass for your local car wash. Now he won't need to spend his Saturday's washing his "baby" and instead you can spend it with him doing something you both love.

Gifts For Men - New Ideas

Does your boyfriend or husband always seem to be working on some home improvement or another? Whether it is building shelves for the garage or a gazebo for the backyard, some men seem to be always doing some type of home improvement. He takes pride in his work and loves the feeling of a job well done, particularly when it is something he built for his home. This man may be even harder to buy for year after year as you realize he already has every tool he could ever use. So then what do you get him? Head over to your local Home Improvement Super Store and look into Do-It-Yourself Classes and sign him up for something he would be interested. Choices vary, but often include fun topics like shed building, dry walling, and the like. This will be more valuable than any other tool you have gotten him. You are giving him a new skill and new knowledge he can put to good use in his home improvements. He'll love the gift and you and your home will too!

Gifts For Men - New Ideas

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Christmas Gifts - Ideas For Christmas Gifts

However, if you find yourself buried in confusion on every Christmas as to what would be the appropriate gift, then fret not, as there is no end to what you can choose for a gift on Christmas. Your gift should only convey your love and thoughtfulness and you shall be sorted.

Though traditionally, the gifts that are given on this holy festival are chocolates, cakes, cookies and even flowers baskets, today new and innovative gifts are finding their way into our houses and even our hearts.


If however, you do want to stick to the more conventional gifts then you can choose from a wide range of Christmas Holy Bells in attractive decoration, Christmas candles in beautiful red and green, small idols of Santa, divine message frames, framed posters of Mother Mary and even the Holy Cross Pendant which not only comes in regular metals but also in stones like amethyst etc.

Christmas Gifts - Ideas For Christmas Gifts

If you have already gifted all of these through the past years, then you can look at fresher options. For women, you can pick up literally anything. Apparels, jewelry, accessories like purses, bags etc, and home decor items like vases, lampshades, or paintings - anything that would be a useful addition to them can be picked up. You can also think of selecting from a range of kitchen appliances or crockery also.

If you are still not sure that any of these things would fit the bill then play it safe and pick up something from a large number of combo offers available. You can get a combo gift pack of chocolates, flowers and a small diary; flowers, chocolates and candles or even flowers, wine bottle and wine glasses put in attractive baskets. If it is a younger girl that you are selecting a gift for, then you can also choose from a range of cosmetics, stuffed toys and candles available.

If it is for men that you're looking for a gift, then you have the options of a range of perfumes, apparels, accessories like wallets or belts, pen sets and other office accessories like personalized calendars, and diaries etc. Books of a subject of his interest can also be a good idea. Lastly, do not forget that chocolates are not just a gift restricted for women. Some men also equally love them and would be delighted to have a box of them!

Apart from person specific gifts, combo gift pack are the ideal ones for the whole family. It is the best to give a gift basket full of different goodies that can be enjoyed by all if you want to give a gift to the whole family. You can make your own assortment of things that you think would be the most appropriate like chocolates, cakes, cookies, flowers and a bottle of Champagne. You can take a combination of any of these and add a person touch by putting in small items for each member of the family. You would not only delight everybody but would also be remembered for your thoughtfulness!

Christmas Gifts - Ideas For Christmas Gifts

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Gift Ideas for Aquarians

Are you gearing up to celebrate the birthday of your loved one but don't know what to do? Looking for a unique gift but running short of good ideas? Or simply running short on time to check out the gift stores? Well, there's hope yet for you. For here are a set of innovative ideas that can help you to find the perfect birthday gift for your dear one.

Depending on the zodiac sign of a person, there are a wide range of birthday gifts available in the market. Unique and wonderful, these gifts are designed keeping in mind the specific personality traits of each sun-sign, thus maximizing the chances of being liked by the receiver. So if the birthday of your dear one falls anytime between the 20th of January and the 19th of February, you can easily look for an Aquarian zodiac gift. The gift will possibly find better favour with your partner, and you too will be able to say you care without racking your mind over the issue.


It is necessary to have a look at the different personality traits of an Aquarian to select an ideal birthday gift. According to astrologers, some of the most common characteristics of an Aquarian are individualism, objectivity, playfulness, spontaneity, progressiveness and career mindedness. However, wide differences do exist from person to person, and between men and women. But mostly, one can be sure to please an Aquarian with an original and unexpected gift, presented with a dash of humor.

Gift Ideas for Aquarians

For Aquarius men interested in outdoor sports, one may choose anything between a sweat shirt to a sports watch, or some cool adventure gear like a backpack, tent or a sleeping bag. Golf clubs and sports gear can also be a favorite with many. However, those appreciating art would prefer to have gifts like sketches and paintings, music CDs, romantic games or classic literature. Aquarian males are also fond of technology, and you can be sure to please them with some cool gizmos like iPhones, notepads, digital cameras and the like.

Aquarius women, on the other hand, are likely to appreciate gifts that are vintage and unique. Individuality is the keyword when it comes to choosing a gift for an Aquarius woman, so you can get anything from a vintage candle-stand to a piece of unusual clothing for her birthday. Unique looking clutches, ancient scarfs and shawls, an artistic jewelry box or simply a zodiac engraved coffee mug are likely to find favour with Aquarius women.

On the whole, one must be careful to keep in mind the various personality traits of an Aquarian to choose the perfect gift for a birthday. Aquarius people, being highly individualistic, defy all set rules in terms of their liking and choice. No matter how big or small, gestures that reveal individuality always go down better with Aquarians. There are hosts of exciting birthday gifts available both online and in the market that promise to go down really well with Aquarians. You can also choose from a wide range of e-cards and wallpapers to gift your Aquarian partner. With the celebrations due to begin in the next few days, it's time you get the perfect birthday gift for your partner and join in the fun.

Gift Ideas for Aquarians

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Top Cool Gifts For a 13-Year-Old's Birthday

If your favorite 12-year-old is about to turn 13, it is time to get some cool gifts for a 13-year-old's birthday.

What would light up the face of a 13-year-old girl or boy? Would it be a sparkling silver shoulder bag... a remote controlled airplane... or a magic kit? Or, perhaps a special birthday dinner in a restaurant with great food, a big cake, and plenty of ice cream.


Settle back for now and let us take a look at some cool gifts that may fit the bill.

Top Cool Gifts For a 13-Year-Old's Birthday

Electric Guitar - This electric guitar is ready to play. No TV or sound system is needed. There are built-in songs with a selection for indie, metal, punk, and rock. Your 13-year-old may have a budding career as a rock star.

Pastel Painting Set - This set contains 48 pastels of every color, a block of pastel paper, and a bottle of fixative spray. Your young artist can paint an original painting or paint a picture that is pre-drawn on the paper.

Radio-controlled Trucks - These great trucks come in either a GMC Yukon Denali model or a Dodge HEMI. They are a full 30 inches long and have a roaming range of 100 feet. These remote controlled toy vehicles have giant wheels for rough terrain as well as smooth.

Hannah Montana Projector - Invite friends over, turn down the lights, and pass the popcorn. It is time for the Hannah Montana show. You can project the show on a screen, the wall, or the ceiling. The projector comes with remote and slides. Use a sound track from the show to accompany the pictures.

Pinball Wars Game - This pinball game is a game for two players that switches to a game for one. The standing table is filled with electronic lights and sounds. It has dual LCD scoring as well as internal drop pockets. This cool gift could keep the whole family occupied.

Barbie Girls and MP3 Player - This super gift will bring a lot of joy. There are two Barbie girls and you can mix and match their outfits. Plus, included with the Barbie girls is a good-looking MP3 player with adjustable earbuds and a docking station. This gift could be the hit of any party.

Name Scroll on a Painting - Here is one gift that is always a big hit. This scroll is hand-printed with your 13-year-old's first name and its meaning, and includes famous people with that name. The background is a painting of a kitten, a dog, horses, flowers or other scenes. There is a golden crown, a seal, and a border. This treasured gift is ready for framing.

Well, that is about it. Have a good time shopping for cool gifts for a 13-year-old's birthday. And, remember to have a great time at the birthday party.

Top Cool Gifts For a 13-Year-Old's Birthday

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Teacher Gifts - Best 10 Occasions to Give Teachers Gifts - Show Appreciation

Don't our teachers need some recognition and feedback for a job well done? Don't they mean a lot to the success of our children's present and future? Then let's show our appreciation for our teachers and tell them just how important they are to society. Why wait until an important holiday to give them a gift, let's do it now! Let's just think of some unique occasions to take them some presents. There are many gifts that will bring big smiles, and nothing to out-of-this world, let's keep them economical, but something they'll like too.

What are some fun and unique presents to take to teachers that don't require much money?

\"teacher Gifts\"

Anything homemade will be much appreciated. Whenever it's "the thought that counts", homemade gifts do the job. They say, "We care about you, you are important, so important we invested our most valuable resource, time, to make you something to express our appreciation for you and what you've done."

Teacher Gifts - Best 10 Occasions to Give Teachers Gifts - Show Appreciation

So what kinds of homemade gifts can I make with my children to take to their teachers?

Crafts will last a long time and the teacher can adorn his or her desk with them to remind themselves that she's loved and doing a good job. Craft-making is fun and a wonderful way to spend quality time with your kids. However, since I don't make a lot of crafts myself my other suggestion for great teacher gifts are decadent desserts. Craft-making and creating desserts are similar, except desserts taste better! They are easy to create and don't take much money to make. You should already have many necessary supplies with which to make the dessert gifts, if not all of them. You just need to purchase the ingredients. Deluxe sweets and candy gifts make for tasty treats and are beautiful in presentation so your child's teacher will get a triple effect of satisfaction: the surprise of receiving the gift, enjoying the attractive presentation of the dessert and finally the pleasure of the treat tantalizing his/her taste buds.

Some desserts that taste great, are easy to make and can be made many different ways are cookies or cupcakes. Cupcakes can be more elaborate than the normal, boring chocolate or vanilla. There are some "upgraded" kinds of chocolate and also a variety of other cupcake flavors. Chocolate covered treats are also easy to make from strawberries, cherries to even coffee beans, but by far the most attractive are chocolate covered apples that can be sprinkled with all different kinds of toppings and mixed and matched with white and dark chocolate as well as caramel. You and your child will have a great time making these desserts together, but the best time you'll have is when you see his or her teacher smile from ear-to-ear from the joy of seeing how much he/she is appreciated.

So when would be a great time to take teachers presents?

Just be creative, spontaneous gifts are always well received because the element of surprise is very effective, however, there are some unique instances to make up some great excuses or reasons to give gifts for our teachers.

10 Occasions for Teacher Gifts

1.Long Weekend: Right before a weekend with a minor holiday attached to it, you could include a "gift message" that says something to the effect of, "It took my mommy and I a long time to make these yummy cookies, I hope they last a long time until we have classes again. Thank you Mrs. Gibson for helping me achieve high grades."

2.The Start of a Holiday Month: During a month that has a popular holiday in your country built around a distinct theme, for example, Thanksgiving in the US, or Halloween. Take Mrs. Jones some Halloween cupcakes with a message like, "Trick or Treat Mrs. Jones! OK, no trick this time, just treat. I know it's not yet the 31st, but I couldn't wait until then to bring you something good to eat. My mommy and I made these for you. Thanks for everything you've done. Hope you enjoy eating them as much as I loved making you them."

3. Good Grade (Mark) on Exam: To celebrate your child doing well on a test take the teacher a gift with a message similar to, "Thank you Mr. King for everything you do to help my son Timmy and all the other kids. He really admires you and respects you. We thought we'd celebrate his good test results and show you how much we appreciate you. Hope this Chocolate Cookie Cake gets an "A" too, at least for effort!"

4. Milestone Year at Same School: Whether it's Mrs. Carter's 5th year at the same school or Mr. Thomas' 20th, show you're paying attention to their accomplishments.

5. Milestone Year as a Teacher: Maybe Mr. Peters has taught for many years at different schools. You could find out by simply asking him and then later deliver the gift to congratulate him for his great contribution.

6. For Hometown Team Winning a Championship: Everyone in the city will celebrate, but use this unique opportunity to thank him/her for the extra hours after classes they invested in helping your child with personal attention.

7.Change of Seasons: Teachers love to decorate their room for the change of season. Whether it's about to snow, the leaves are starting to change colors, the temperature is getting warmer or the rain is coming to soothe the long drought, use this time as an excuse to bring the teacher a gift to rejoice in the new weather ahead.

8.After Important Class Project Finishes: The big sigh of relief, no more agonizing over researching or creating, the project is over and everyone can relax. Congratulate him or her on finishing the race.

9.Get Well: If Mr. Robinson was away for a while getting better from an injury or illness. A heart-felt gift is probably the exact medicine to help him to get better.

10.Teacher Appreciation Day: Many countries have one and they're on different dates.

Enjoy making our teachers across the globe feel special!

Teacher Gifts - Best 10 Occasions to Give Teachers Gifts - Show Appreciation

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Ideas For First Year Anniversary Gifts

Whether you are looking for a first anniversary gift for your partner or friend you will want to find something that is a little different and special to celebrate this milestone.

Traditionally paper is the gift given to those that are celebrating their first year anniversary and this can be sent in many different ways including a newspaper from the year the marriage took place or even a pencil drawing of the couple, this type of unique first anniversary gift will become a lasting keepsake. Poetry makes a worthy choice, because not only will your gift be made out of paper, it will also contain your heartfelt messages of love, which after just one year, should be alive and well. However, they say that the first year of marriage is also the hardest, so you might need an opportunity to say 'sorry' as well.


Roses are always associated with love and there are many companies that will supply red paper roses which are a grand romantic present that can also be personalized, this type of gift is usually given from husband to wife or wife to husband. The benefit of giving paper roses is that they will remain as a memory of the special occasion and are in keeping with the traditional theme of paper on the first year anniversary.

Ideas For First Year Anniversary Gifts

Because paper is traditionally given for the first anniversary you could also consider a message in a bottle, not only will the message be something personal it will be written on paper which will keep with the tradition for this year of marriage.

If you are looking for a gift for your husband or wife you really want to choose a gift that shows how much you love them and have thought about the gift they are about to receive. Whether the anniversary gift is homemade or purchased from a shop it must be something from the heart to be truly appreciated.

Many people these days, for one reason or another have simple low key weddings which take place in registry offices with only the bride and groom and witness present. If your wedding was this type and you did not celebrate by having a traditional reception it may be an idea to celebrate your first year anniversary by throwing a big party for all of your family and friends that were unable to attend your wedding.

Alternatively you may wish to celebrate such a special anniversary with just you and your loved one. A good idea would be to book a romantic night or even a weekend away together. Make sure if you if you decide to do this that you book well in advance and whilst booking why not try your luck and let the hotel know its your first year anniversary as you never know they may throw in a free bottle of champagne or a bunch of flowers at no extra cost.

Whatever you decide remember that your first year anniversary should be one that you never forget as it signifies the first year of your marriage and the start of a happy and loving relationship with your partner.

Ideas For First Year Anniversary Gifts

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Remember to Thank Your Teachers During National Teacher Appreciation Week

No matter what we do, we all like to feel appreciated for the effort that we put out. Doctors, lawyers, secretaries, crossing guards, sanitation workers, and even moms and dads that do not work out side of the home all want to feel appreciated. We do not always receive the recognition that might make our duties more enjoyable, but we are still there doing the best jobs that we can.

Educators especially may feel under-appreciated at times. Less-than-cooperative students (at times), late nights grading papers and preparing lesson plans, parent conferences( with sometimes less-than-happy parents), numerous staff meetings, teacher in-service training sessions, paperwork (and lots of it), spending portions of their own paychecks for teaching supplies and rewards for their students - - the list goes on. There are so many things that teachers do at school and away from school for which they are neither recognized nor appreciated. So, as National Teacher Appreciation Day approaches this May 4th, as part of an entire week of teacher appreciation, we should all take some time to honor those teachers that make a difference in our lives and in the lives of our children.

\"teacher Gift\"

Teacher Appreciation Week takes place May 3rd through 7th this year and there are a variety of ways that you can show teachers that they are appreciated. This might be as simple as writing a note thanking him or her for all that they do. But, it could also include a special treat as well. This year, consider a gift to show those valued teachers just how thankful you are to have them. There are a variety of gifts that you could give, including gift baskets, gift cards, framed gifts, letters of appreciation, personalized teacher gifts, or even a fruit gift basket. Whatever you are able to do, no matter how small, it will be appreciated and loved as you share these special thank-yous with the teachers.

Remember to Thank Your Teachers During National Teacher Appreciation Week

Don't forget that your children often have more than one teacher that is important to them. They have their classroom or homeroom teachers, as well as teachers for other subjects, including music teachers, physical education teachers, computer teachers, school media specialists, Spanish teachers, reading specialists, and teacher's aides. There are so many people that impact your children each day! Remember to take some time to give them a special thank-you this year.

Teachers inspire us in so many ways; from helping us learn the basics, to supporting and guiding us as we reach for the stars. Help those teachers to feel inspired this National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 3rd through 7th, so they can be re-energized to continue doing the wonderful jobs that they have been doing.

Remember to Thank Your Teachers During National Teacher Appreciation Week

Here's a fun and free way to say thank you to the teachers we love! Submit your child's summary on why their teacher is the best and win a fruit basket delivered straight to the winning teacher. Plus they will receive the winner's framed article along with a You're #1 Teacher bag! Hurry, the contest ends on April 21st! Sign Up Here: and win an apple for the teacher!

Unique Gifts for a 21-Year-Old's Birthday

Strike up the band and roll out the barrel! Because turning 21. Now if you want unique gifts for a 21-year-old's birthday, stay tuned. Because we are about to uncover some fabulous gift ideas.

What is your 21-year-old interested in? It might be travel, music, jewelry, sports, food, car accessories, or a gift of money. He or she might want an action gift such as a vacation, skydiving, or a gym membership.


However big or small your birthday gift is, remember that it really is the thought that counts. Your 21-year-old will love you for thinking of him or her.

Unique Gifts for a 21-Year-Old's Birthday

So, if you are ready, relax and take a look at some unusual gift ideas.

A Fine Watch -

A 21-year-old delights in receiving gift like this. A couple of pricey watches are a Cartier and a Braguet, for example. These are gifts that last a lifetime. They will always remind the 21-year-old of you.

USB Guitar -

If your birthday boy or girl wants to set up a recording studio, this gift is the way to do it. With a USB guitar and cable, you can turn your computer into a recording studio. Get a full orchestra sound with MP3 songs for backup and you are all set to hit the big time.

Pocket GPS -

You can help keep that 21-year-old on the right path with a portable GPS with Bluetooth technology. This system has a touch screen, a voice guide, and a visual map. It easily switches from car to pedestrian mode. Bluetooth also allows you to use your cell phone handsfree.

Video Camera -

This gift is just right for someone who wants to record a trip, capture a party, or simply film the great outdoors on a bike ride in the country. It straps securely to your wrist, to the handlebar of your bike or on top of your helmet. Wherever you go, you have only to aim and shoot.

Underwater Diving Vacation -

Offer your 21-year-old the vacation of his or her lifetime. A travel adventure to Bermuda, Jamaica, or Cancun, Mexico is just the thing. These are outstanding diving spots complete with diver's training, diving equipment, and underwater tours. Cancun even offers cave diving and underground river exploration. What could be better than that?

Shopping for unique gifts for a 21-year-old's birthday can be a fun experience. And, think of the joy your gift will bring to that 21-year-old and the delight it will bring to you as well.

Unique Gifts for a 21-Year-Old's Birthday

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Favorite Birthday Gifts to Make 15-Year-Old Boys and Girls Happy

Oh, the thrill of turning 15! Think of the party, the friends, and the party food such as ice cream and cake. Most of all, though, there are those favorite birthday gifts to make 15-year-old boys and girls happy. Let us look at a few.

The question is - which birthday gifts would be just right? Well, there might be a computer and all kinds of software. Or, perhaps a cell phone, an MP3 player, and a video game console.


Then, of course, consider a table tennis set for 4 players, a pair of skis and poles, a super sewing machine, or a scrapbooking set.

Favorite Birthday Gifts to Make 15-Year-Old Boys and Girls Happy

Let us take a peek at 5 other cool gifts to brighten the smile of that new 15-year-old.

Two-Way Radios -

This pair of two-way radios is solar powered and carries a charge of 12 hours of talk time. The range of the radios is 5 miles and they have 22 channels. This gift is so compact and light weight, that each radio can be easily carried in a pocket. This gift is a good bet for teens who are hikers, campers, or for those who just want to keep in touch.

MP3 Player -

This MP3 player has an extra long 4 GB hard drive memory so you can store thousands of songs and photos. It comes with a color screen and earbuds. This is a really popular gift.

Amazing Name Scroll -

Here is a gift that is always a big hit. Everyone loves his or her first name and to see it on a beautiful scroll is awesome. The first name and its meaning is written on a painting. The painting may be a kitten, a dog, horses, flowers, or a crest. There is also a golden crown, a crest, a seal and a colorful border. This treasured scroll is ready for framing.

Electric guitar -

This electric guitar is ready to play. No TV or sound system is needed. The guitar has its own controls for jam, speakers, band, and learn modes. There are built-in songs with a selection for Indie, metal, punk, and rock. There is also an earphone connection.

Digital Camera Plus Scrapbooking Kit -

Scrapbooking is a sensational hobby. Everyone is doing it. Teens and adults love scrapbooking and produce works of art. This kit gives you everything you need to get off to a great start. It includes a digital camera, a photo editing CD, a USB cable, markers, scissors,stickers and colored paper.

I hope these gifts will give you some good ideas for yet more favorite birthday gifts to make 15-year-old boys and girls happy. Have fun at the birthday party.

Favorite Birthday Gifts to Make 15-Year-Old Boys and Girls Happy

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Ideas For Anniversary Gifts For Men

Anniversary gifts for men are probably some of the hardest gifts to find. You want to make the gift very special because an anniversary is a very special occasion, and you want the man you are giving the gift to to really enjoy it, be surprised by it and have him value the present.

The biggest problem when the time comes to give a man a gift is to know exactly what to buy. I don't know about you, but to me it seems that most people do not have a problem buying anniversary gifts or any other gifts for women, but when it comes to men the ideas seem to run out. Perfume, socks, ties and pens seem to be some of the most popular (and probably most detested by men) gifts one can find for a man. How unimaginative!


There are many other anniversary gifts for men out there that he will enjoy, if you just have a think about it. If you do a little bit of research on the man you want to give the gift to, you should be able to find something he is passionate about.

Ideas For Anniversary Gifts For Men

Personalized anniversary gifts are very popular. What about an ipod in his favorite color with his name engraved and his favorite music already on it? Or if you want to do something really special for an adventurer, a balloon flight, or skydiving? Or how about a nice watch? You can get absolutely stunning mens watches for every taste and budget. Watches are a fashionable and useful accessory for any man. With a watch you can literally never go wrong.

It can be very helpful, too, to search on the Internet for "Anniversary gifts for men" and have a browse of what comes up. There are many very interesting and unique ideas for gifts to be found.

Ideas For Anniversary Gifts For Men

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Cheap Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend

I know you want to give your boyfriend a very special and memorable birthday gift, but that seems near impossible on such a tight budget. The good news is that there are some things that you can do for him that will make a great present for him. In the day of high tech gadgets and expensive sneakers there are some simple items that not only will he appreciate, but will also remember because it came from you.

Good food is the quickest way to a man's heart and your boyfriend is no exception. For a special birthday gift give him a meal he will be amazed by. You can make a home cooked meal with four courses and dessert. Make sure you add the wine to wash it down with. You could also take him to a restaurant he has never been to before. Give him a new eatery experience on his day and he will be well pleased.


I am quite sure that your man just loves to listen to music (all men do). Well use that interest of his as inspiration for a good present. You could get him a cd that he has been dying to get, or if he is not too fond of cds then you can get him downloads for his mp3 player. There are gift certificates for purchase online that will be perfect to give him on his birthday. With these certificates he can download music, and other things for free. That would be something that any music loving man would want.

Cheap Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Clothing is always a safe choice for a birthday gift. Every man wears them and any man would be thankful to get more. So for a present how about getting your boyfriend some additions to his wardrobe. Anything from a hat to shoes to some new earrings would be well received. If you don't really like buying clothes for him the next best option would definitely be to get him a gift card from his favorite retail store. That way he will be able to shop for his own stuff.

These are some cheap gift ideas that you may want to consider getting him. If you want more you should visit this site where you may find more suggestions to look over. Don't stress out too much about what to get your boyfriend on his birthday because I am quite sure whatever you get him he will be happy that he is getting older with you.

Cheap Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend

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Yearly Guide to Anniversary Gift Giving

Is your anniversary here again? Don't know what to buy your better half? Maybe the anniversary gift guide can help. The guide has been updated with a few gift ideas to make your shopping a little easier.

1st Anniversary- The first anniversary is the year of paper. Paper gifts are not as boring as one may think. It can be as simple as a handwritten poem or as lavish as an airline ticket.


2nd Anniversary - The second anniversary is cotton. A good cotton gift is clothing. Personalizing it makes it even more special. Nowadays you can personalize just about anything.

Yearly Guide to Anniversary Gift Giving

3rd Anniversary- The third anniversary gift is leather. Wallets and purses are nice leather gifts. There are also tins of leather items that can be personalized as well. (Ex. Personalized leather bracelets or briefcases)

4th Anniversary- Linen is the fourth anniversary gift. Linen gifts include table linens and vacation linen shirts also known as Guayaberas.

5th Anniversary- Wood is fifth anniversary gift. Gift ideas range from gift baskets to furniture.

6th Anniversary- The sixth anniversary is iron. Iron gifts include candleholders and picture frames.

7th Anniversary- Depending on who you ask, the seven year anniversary is either copper or wool. Cooper gifts include vases and bowls. Wool gifts include sweaters and scarves.

8th Anniversary- Bronze is the eighth anniversary gift. Bronze gifts can be anything from a candleholder or vase to a trinket or memorable keepsake being bronzed.

9th Anniversary- Pottery is the ninth anniversary. Sculptures, vases and bowls are the most common of these gifts. A great gift idea would be to enjoy a pottery class together.

10th Anniversary- Tin or Aluminum is the gifts for 10 years of bliss. Jewelry boxes or tin gift containers filled with goodies make great tin/aluminum gifts. Gift basket containers would be a great to incorporate tin or aluminum.

11th Anniversary- Eleven years of marriage equal a gift of Steel. Gifts can be anything from a stainless steel watch or pendant to stainless kitchen appliances.

12th Anniversary- Silk is the twelfth anniversary gift. Silk pajamas and sheets are a wonderful gift. Robes and clothing are also great.

13th Anniversary- The thirteenth anniversary is that of Lace. This anniversary gift's element is more for the ladies. Lace table linens, hankies and nightgowns are wonderful gifts of lace.

14th Anniversary- Ivory is the gift fourteen years of marriage. Imagination is important for this gift giving year. An ivory broche is a worldly gift for your wife and if your husband is open to anything, try an ivory elephant tusk. Not likely huh? How about Ivory soap? At least I tried.

15th Anniversary - Fifteen years of wedded bliss earn you Crystal. Swarovski Crystals set in a pendant, watch or other piece of jewelry is a nice idea. For the simple folk, a crystal vase or personalized champagne flutes add that touch of romance.

20th Anniversary- Twentieth Anniversary is the gift of China. That is pretty self explanatory.

25th Anniversary- Twenty five years of marriage is also known as The Silver Anniversary. Silver jewelry or nice jewelry boxes are always safe bets.

30th Anniversary- Pearl is the gift of a thirty year anniversary. Pearls can be given as a necklace or placed in a ring.

35th Anniversary- Coral or Jade is the gifts for this anniversary. You can find coral gifts such as vases, sculptures, trays or games made or coral. Jade gifts are usually jewelry like bracelets and earrings.

40th Anniversary- The fortieth year anniversary gift is Ruby. Like many of the gifts, jewelry is a good gift.

45th Anniversary- Sapphires represent forty years of marriage. Jewelry

50th Anniversary- The Golden Anniversary is among one of the well known. Gold gifts can be anything from jewelry to golden vases, cups, frames, figurines and other trinkets.

55th Anniversary- Emeralds are the gifts of this year. Jewelry is a common gift.

60th Anniversary- Sixty years of being married most certainly deserves Diamonds. What could be better than diamond jewelry?

65th Anniversary- Blue Sapphires are the gifts of this year. Once again jewelry is's deserved!

70th Anniversary- Platinum gifts are representative of seventy platinum years of marriage. Platinum gifts include jewelry, music boxes, figurines and gift boxes.

75th Anniversary- Once again Diamond is the gift of choice. After seventy five years of marriage, it is most certainly deserving. Best gift...Jewelry!

80th Anniversary- Oak represents eighty years of marriage. If you have been married eighty years than you marriage is stronger than oak. Nevertheless a fantastic oak gift is Oak Home! If you can't afford it, there are tons of handmade oak gifts such as furniture, wall shelves and many more.

Another gift suggestion is flowers made of any of these elements. There are now stores that offer flowers made of cotton, wood, tin or lace. You name it they have it.

Yearly Guide to Anniversary Gift Giving

Cynthia Marcano is owner of Simply Sinful Baskets. Visit [] for great gifts for any occasion.

Kids' Gifts - Popular Toys For Kids

Children of all ages love to play with toys, and for that reason a toy is almost always an excellent gift choice. There are always toys that are in style or fashion, and some that are very trendy, and some that are classic gifts. When considering what gift to get a child, it is important to consider the age of the child, what they already have, what they like to play with, and what your budget may be.

There are several different toys that are popular with kids, and there are toys that are more popular with boys than girls, and vice versa. In choosing toys for kids remember that children love to use their imagination, so toys that encourage creativity and play are exceptional choices.


For young boys cars and racetracks are always popular. Fisher Price has produced a "Shake and Go Speedway Racetrack" which allows the child to shake the car to power up the motor, and then place it on the track to race. An automatic voice gives a play by play of the race, and kids and adults alike can cheer along. Lego has always been a favorite, and the wide variety of theme packs that can interchange with each other makes Lego a versatile gift. A new Wild Hunters Lego set complete with elephants, lions and crocodiles can really stir the imagination. Another building set that is very popular in Magneatos, which uses the concept of magnets to hold the building blocks together. These pieces are larger than Lego blocks and are perfect for younger children.

Kids' Gifts - Popular Toys For Kids

For girls there are several new toys that are very popular. The Rescue Pets are delightful looking puppies and kittens waiting to be adopted by your little girl. They have their own adoption certificate and information on caring for your puppy or kitten. EZ 2 Quikrochet is not your old-fashioned spool knitting craft package. This uniquely designed easy to hold knitting tool is perfect for making fashion jewelry, hair accessories, scarves or other projects. The Hollywood Barbie set is very popular, with Barbie being a Hollywood movie director. The doll comes with all the accessories, and can of course be interchanged with any other Barbie set. There is also the traditional favorite of the Easy Bake Oven for younger children. Kids love to pretend to cook, and this is a terrific way to let them pretend, without having to worry about safety.

Boys and girls enjoy a lot of toys and games together, and it is important to avoid indicating that some games or toys are just for boys or just for girls. Encouraging children to spend time playing together with toys, using their imaginations and just having fun is what being young is all about. One of the cool new toys that is loved by both boys and girls is the Etch a Sketch Wired. This allows the Etch A Sketch board to be wired to the TV set, so the children will actually see on TV what they are drawing on their Etch-A-Sketch screen. Another popular board game is the Cranium Family Fun or the Cranium original. The Family Fun version is designed for younger children up to age 7, and the original game is for older children.

Kids' Gifts - Popular Toys For Kids

Corinne Waldon writes a diverse number of toy articles [] for Toys 247, where you can find many online toy store [] resources such as forums, directories, shopping and news.

Christmas Angel Gift Poem

This angel craft poem is an ideal craft for loved ones in need. You can make this project as simple as some card stock and a plain white feather or you can place it into a box or gift card.

You can use coloured feathers for a more vibrant feel, but remember angels don't usually have hot pink feathers or at least we don't think so.


To make this angel feather poem all you need to do is write out the poem and attach a feather. If you want to make a magnet, just glue on a flat backed magnet to the back of your card. You could also make these with a hanging ribbon to place onto the Christmas tree.

Christmas Angel Gift Poem

Angel Feather Craft Poem

This is an angel feather,
sent from God above,
to serve as a reminder,
of his gracious love.

It's from your guardian angel,
that God himself assigned to you,
And fell out in his struggles,
as he protected you.

Each time you almost stumble,
Each time you nearly fall,
Remember to,
Thank God and his angels,
for answering your call.

You can make these for school fundraisers or use them as quick craft projects for girl guides or scouts to make for mothers day or fathers day gifts.

These are very popular as magnets as they are a constant reminder each time you open the fridge, they are also perfect for donating to hospitals to give out to patients or loved ones in need.

Photos are available of this completed project on my website.

Christmas Angel Gift Poem

This project was written by Shellie Wilson from - Free Christmas Craft Projects

Pictures for this project are available on my website and my be re-printed with this article.

Christmas 2010 Gift Ideas: Themes for White Elephant Gift Exchange

A white elephant gift exchange sometimes called a Yankee Swap is a popular holiday party game in North America, with many variations in play. Generally, there's a tradition in white elephant parties, family or office members exchange gifts. It's a special way that can make everyone gets a unique Christmas gifts. So to make it fun, try to make a certain theme gift, here are some unique gift ideas for you.



Most of people love food gifts. During the Christmas holiday season, there are large amount of food in the market for you to choose. You can select fun food as your present, at the same time; you should list your recipients' different dietary restrictions to make your gift suitable for everyone's taste in appropriate way.

Christmas 2010 Gift Ideas: Themes for White Elephant Gift Exchange


Books can be a nice theme gift. In a bookstore, you can find something that suits almost everyone. Or if you have a targeted idea in mind for some particular person, you can also have a lot of choices in the bookstore.

Gift basket

You can also have a theme gift basket that full of fun. Instead of a single present, you should prepare a whole bunch of some certain themes. You can select by your own, or choose the already done in the market.


Many people like alcohol, an alcohol theme gift also suit for almost every person except children. But there are also some requirements for you. First you should make sure everyone in the party can drink; another is you had better avoided in the work place.

A gift related to your group

If you are a member of a group or organization, then select a theme gift that related to your group will be better option of your 2010 Christmas white elephant gift exchange. For instance, if you are in a writing group, you can choose a nice pen or some books related; if you are in music fan group, you might want some favorite music CDs or music related souvenir.

Consider the above themes when creating your Christmas 2010 white elephant gift exchange, have a good preparation for this 2010 Christmas holiday season.

Christmas 2010 Gift Ideas: Themes for White Elephant Gift Exchange

Find great gift ideas and other gift ideas in Here are unique gift ideas for any special events.

Christmas Gift Ideas for 2011

Are you getting ready for this coming Christmas season? Then you should check out the hottest Christmas gift ideas of this year.

Giving gifts is one of the oldest traditions in Christmas. For many years, countless gifts have been given between family and friends during Christmas season. The tradition of giving gifts started with the 3 wise men who came to visit our Lord Jesus Christ. Today, I know that you are expecting to give gifts to your family and friends.


Christmas Ideas for 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas for 2011

The year 2011 is going to witness another merry Christmas celebration. Ensure that Christmas become memorable for your love ones. Check out these 2011 Christmas tips. These gift ideas will assist you to acquire appealing gifts for your loved ones.

1. Jewelries - This is a good gift if the recipient is a woman. An attractive pendant with a chic look can make a good Christmas gift. Those who are plenty of cash can pick for diamond-studded earrings and rings.

2. Watches - This is a good gift for men and women. A branded watch from Longines or Tag Heuer can be amazing Christmas gifts.

4. Perfumes - Perfumes are usually trusted to enhance attraction and appeal. Let your love one smell good with a classy fragrance from Dior, Chanel or any reliable brand.

4. Pens - A good present for professionals and elderly folks. A Parker pen can do wonders for every age bracket. If your recipient is 55 above, then a traditional Parker fountain pen can be a good option.

5. Video Games - If your recipient is a kid, then video games are a perfect choice. There are many available games on the internet that have reasonable prices. Call of Duty or Crysis games can work better for teenagers. Not comfortable of giving violent games? Then opt for arcade or racing games instead.

6. Home Appliances - Home appliances can be good gifts for a family. If you are giving your gift to the family members, home equipment can be good. A coffee maker, a dish washer, or a water heater can ba a good option.

7. Accessories - You already know about watches. On the other hand, you can opt for other accessories like shoes, wallets, handbags or belts. A good leather shoes is the ideal thing for professionals. Women love to be accessorized with a Chloe, Vuitton or Fendi handbag.

8. Gadgets - This is my favorite part. Electronic gadgets are very good Christmas gifts. iPads, laptops, notebooks, digital cameras and mp3 players are awesome gifts. Opt for the iPad, which is the hottest trend.

Make use of these Christmas gift ideas in this 2011 Christmas holiday. Make your loved one feel special on this Christmas season.

Christmas Gift Ideas for 2011

Do you want to know more? Then check us out at top Christmas toys dot org

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Some Traditional Thanksgiving Gifts

Thanksgiving is centered mostly around the big dinner on Thanksgiving Day but people tend to send informal gifts on and off to each other in the month of November. Here are some gift and thanksgiving dessert suggestions

Almost all gifts that are sent are food gifts. The most popular and conventional of them all are fruit baskets. The number of people who send wicker baskets stuffed with hay and apples and pears is huge. These gifts are available just about everywhere including supermarkets and local grocery stores.

\"teacher Gifts\"

Special cakes and pies that bakers make for thanksgiving are also a popular and traditional gift to send to someone for Thanksgiving or to take to a thanksgiving dinner. Chocolates are also on the list but chocolates aren't conventional and are not the kind of gift you can generally send to neighbors because they are more closely associated with Valentine's Day as opposed to thanksgiving.

Some Traditional Thanksgiving Gifts

Cornucopia items or decorations are popular too but most people like to buy or make their own cornucopias so they don't make the best gifts to send someone or to take to a party.

Food and fruit is always popular. As opposed to sending chocolate gourmet baskets or fruit baskets, you can send chocolate covered fruit available in decorative boxes. The boxes have a huge variety of fruit like chocolate dipped bananas, pineapple daisies, chocolate strawberries, apple wedges and lots more.

Wine bottles are also given as gifts but they're usually expensive and among the less frequently given food gifts. Instead of wine, jams and coffee mixes are a better choice.

Some Traditional Thanksgiving Gifts

Dipped Fruit offers a wide variety of chocolate dipped fruit gifts like chocolate covered strawberries. You will definitely like these fruits, especially the chocolate strawberries.

Great Gift Ideas for Women

Choosing gifts for women requires patience and care. Your choice of a gift for the women in your life should be guided by: the occasion (anniversary, birthday, new baby, graduation); your relationship to the woman (partner, parent, friend, boss, colleague, neighbor); the recipient herself (athletic, fashion-conscious, book lover, outgoing); and the price.

A teenaged woman, for example, might be overjoyed to receive a soft toy in a special case for her birthday, but women in their thirties will prefer a gift basket with chocolate and champagne. An athletic woman would be happy to receive a ticket to a bungee jumping session on her birthday, and yet a woman who likes something more sophisticated and stylish may not appreciate this gift.


Choosing the right gift for women has become easier than ever since you can browse gift websites and simply order online. is a website that retails gift items for women for all occasions, at very reasonable prices. Gift baskets are also popular, since the right gift basket will hold all the items to gift a woman for a special occasion, and you don't need to go hunting for the many small items needed by her. retails gift baskets ranging from gourmet baskets to Bath and Body baskets and Baby baskets.

Great Gift Ideas for Women

Websites like have many unique, slightly whimsical, not to state inexpensive, gifts to choose from. retails one of a kind gift items like snow-dome shaped telephones and coke-crate shaped radios.

Personalization is something that adds a special touch to a gift item., for example, retails bed linen, blankets, towels etc. printed with the photos supplied by customers. A customized gift like this will be greatly appreciated by a woman.

Purchasing the right gifts for women calls for plenty of thought and care. You may purchase gifts for the women in your life from any mart, store or website, it may be soft toys or luxury toilette cases, what ultimately matters is how much thought you have put into it.

Great Gift Ideas for Women

Gifts for Women provides detailed information about gifts for women, birthday gifts for women, Christmas gifts for women, and more. Gifts for Women is affiliated with Holiday Gift Baskets [].

Female Birthday Gift Ideas - Choosing A Gift Should Not Be A Problem

Thinking of the right female birthday gift can be at times difficult especially if you really do not know what she wants or where to begin. From flowers to sweets, apparels to accessories, the list will just continue to keep on growing as women really have lots of things to want. But don't fret; deciding on what to give as a birthday gift for your female friend is easier than you think. You just have to start by knowing what type of person she is.

First things first: not all women are the same. Other women love latte and read a book, while others prefer online music store gift cards and electronic gadgets. Pay attention to her interests. Does she prefer perfume over bags? Does she love shoes more than jewelry? Is she hooked with the latest fashion trend? Know who she is and what she wants let to land on a great birthday gift idea whether she is your daughter, niece, girlfriend, wife, mother, sister or your best friend.


Consider the age. The right female birthday gift ideas should be based on her age. Teens may love gadgets such as mp3 players and cell phones. Young adults may prefer fashion clothing and accessories. Older female may appreciate jewelry, flowers or home accessories.

Female Birthday Gift Ideas - Choosing A Gift Should Not Be A Problem

Buy the thing she wants and not the thing she needs. A birthday gift should not be used as a venue to help her complete her apartment. Save it to some other occasions but not during her birthday. Your aim is to give her what she wants so a toaster or a microware is a no-no. Give this type of gift only if she really wants to receive it. The bottom line is, give something from her wish-list and not on her shopping list.

Impose your creativity. If your ability permits, a good female birthday gift idea is something you made on your own. Again, it must be something she needs or at the least, something she would love, use, and appreciate. There is nothing wrong with the idea of a home-made gift. In fact, it has every element of a good birthday gift. Go for it if you must. Most of the time, things need not to be expensive for it to become meaningful, especially to the person who will receive it.

Remember one thing: as long as there is love to the gift, you can't go wrong.

Female Birthday Gift Ideas - Choosing A Gift Should Not Be A Problem

To learn more birthday gift ideas, visit

Christmas Gift Ideas for A Sister-In-Law

The holiday season is just around the corner, and you are thinking: "Who knows some great Christmas gift ideas for a sister-in-law?" Well, here you go! Because there is no way of telling whether your sister-in-law is closer than a sister or further from you than Mars, this list of five thoughtful gift ideas ranges from very personal to very impersonal, but still classy:

1) Spa Day - If you know everything about her. She works hard, meets the needs of everyone else, and would never give this gift to herself-get her the massage, facial, mud wrap or full-boat special spa deal you know she'd love. It's incomparable!


2) (Fill in the blank) of the Month Club - If you know anything about your sister-in-law's collections, habits, or fetishes, you can go to and find a membership for it. No kidding! Start with a three-month gift membership.

Christmas Gift Ideas for A Sister-In-Law

3) Bracelets & Baubles - If your sister-in-law wears jewelry and has funky, eclectic taste (NOT diamonds), search for original artsy baubles at some of your local fall craft fairs to find her something no one else has. She will really adore the item if you can find it in her favorite color.

To carry this perfect Christmas gift idea for a sister-in-law over to the internet (because who has time to scour craft fairs?) check out the massive internet craft fair: They have gobs of original stuff you can get your hands on quickly. Look at their top creators on the main page, but don't be afraid to dig deep to find some really interesting stuff.

4) Unique Gifts - So you know your sister-in-law a little, but frankly you haven't got much in common. She's a meticulous housekeeper and crunchy granola eco-freak, and you're...well...not? It's okay. There are tons of Christmas gift ideas for a sister-in-law at where you can buy gifts like the extremely pretty and useful Envirosax floral market bags. They're so pretty you don't notice how useful they are.

Maybe she is a chocolate lover. Who doesn't enjoy chocolate?

• Does your sister-in-law have just about everything? Does she have real estate? Land? Land in all 50 states? You can get her a real legal Deed of Land and she will be the virtual owner of a square inch of land in each of the fifty states of America. A land deed can be bought via email, ready to be printed and framed. This is a very cool gift item that's bound to make her smile.

Christmas Gift Ideas for A Sister-In-Law

There you have it! Five awesome Christmas gift ideas for a sister-in-law and some websites like to jump-start your holiday shopping season.

Author's Biography

Scott Moger is an Internet entrepreneur and author who has been published internationally. His book on Internet marketing includes chapters on how to find unique gifts for everyone and also features a gift site which also offers unique gift ideas for a sister. Earlier Mr. Moger held top management positions at Columbia Pictures, ABC TV, and 20th Century Fox TV and has represented Miramax Films and Warner Brothers TV.

Preschool Circle Time Activities

First thing a preschool teacher needs to do, is to get a carpet or rug and make your circle on it. It needs to big enough to hold all students, but small enough to have students and teacher close together.

Staring off your preschool day with circle time is a great way to transition your preschoolers into the learning day. However, you can devise a circle time at just about any time of the day in your preschool classroom.

\"teacher Gift\"

When your preschool students arrive, you probably have them do a little free play as they wait for all students to show up. When all are there, now your preschool can start your circle time!

Preschool Circle Time Activities

You may have a bell to ring, or even play a song to let your preschoolers know that it is now circle time.

Each day you will choose different preschoolers in your class to lead all circle time activities. I would choose a different student for each activity, but many preschool educators choose one student to all circle time activities.

Instead of sitting down first, you can call one of your preschoolers to get a flag and they can recite the pledge. Then all students sit.

The Calendar and Preschool Circle Time

A calendar for preschool circle time is a must. You can get a large blank one where each day and month can be either pinned up or otherwise attached, and taken down when the month changes. Many preschool instructors use pointers for some of their circle time activities.

If it is a new month, the name of the month should be written on a card, shown to the students, and all say the name. Then choose a preschooler to stick it on the calendar. If it is not a new month, your preschoolers repeat the name when you point at it.

You can do the day of the week next. These will probably be permanent on your calendar. Use the pointer or choose a preschooler to point to all days and say the names. Ask what day is today.

Next up for your little preschoolers is the numerical date. Again, these are numbers that can be pinned up and taken down when the month changes. Choose a preschooler to put the number up. Show it first, have them repeat it.

The Weather and Preschool Circle Time

Have a chart similar to a calendar. Have many cut outs to represent rain, sun, clouds, cold, etc. Choose a preschooler to pick what the weather is and put this up.

Other Preschool Circle time Activity Suggestions

Have a large board or something similar that you can post things on a daily basis. Have a good selection of preschool songs and music.

- Play a song that has motions. Very important for preschoolers to be active.

- Play a learning song that preschoolers can learn quick and sing along.

- Have large letter cut outs. Pick a 'letter of the day' to be repeated by your preschoolers and put up on the board.

- Have large preschooler appropriate words on cards. Choose a word of the day and let a preschooler put this on the board as well.

- During preschool circle time, it is a great idea for all students to say the names of everyone as you or a student points to them.

- Preschool circle time can also be used to read a story. Have lots of preschool books!

- Make a magic wand. Something simple, a small stick with a star on the end. Choose a preschooler to use this magic wand and point to students one by one to return to their seats or go to the next activity.

These are just a few simple suggestions for your preschool circle time. Hopefully it will encourage you to come up imaginative ways to conduct your preschool circle time and make it meaningful as well as fun!

For more preschool classroom ideas, visit: Preschool Resources Website.

Preschool Circle Time Activities

Stephen Carr has over 20 years in the education field, from elementary to college level. Stephen runs the following websites:

The Gift-Giving

Gift-giving is the act of transferring a present, or gift, to another. Gift-giving occurs in both social relationships and economic or business exchanges. A gift is anything of value, however large or small in value. The gift can be money or something else of value such as personal goods, services, property, or in many cases entertainment. In principle, a gift should be a voluntary free transfer not requiring any form of compensation or reciprocity. A voluntary gift is neither a gratuity or a tip, provided as full or partial compensation for some personal service (such as restaurant tipping), or a bribe, provided or offered to an agent in expectation of some desired opportunity.

Customary gift-exchange occurs mostly at specified times of the year, such as Christmas, in ritualized social relationships. Gifts and entertainment are typical aspects of business etiquette and marketing or promotion efforts in various countries. Business practices and national laws vary with respect to such activities. Multinational enterprises typically provide guidance to employees concerning gift-giving and entertainment to customers and from suppliers. Gift-giving, gift exchange, and gratuities are also established customs or traditions in various societies to express appreciation or as a sign of thoughtfulness. In some advanced economies, tipping for personal services is expected income in lieu of full wages.


Because the boundary between bribery and giftgiving may be ambiguous, the overlapping of economic and social relationships, varying by culture, is a problematic dimension of anti-corruption efforts. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) of 1977, as amended, exempts facilitating payments (i.e., "grease") under some circumstances and provides for certain affirmative defenses concerning marketing and promotion expenses including entertainment. All such expenses must be carefully reported. Some gifts, gratuities, and entertainment permissible under the FCPA may be illegal under local anti-bribery laws. In practice, gift-giving may be a mandatory part of ritualized social and economic reciprocity.

The Gift-Giving

A transfer of value with the appearance of a gift might arise in a number of motives including appreciation, altruism, bribery or extortion, custom or tradition, gratuity, reciprocity, or tax incentive. Reciprocity is an act or expectation of exchange between two parties. This reciprocity may be an established custom or tradition in some societies or communities. It may be traditional to provide some gifts, particularly entertainment and small tokens of respect or appreciation, in business settings. Corruption is bribery of or extortion by agents in which typically money, or some other item of value, is exchanged for a contract or other valuable opportunity.

The key feature of corruption, demonstrated in the form of bribery, is that an agent accepts something of value from a third party to act contrary to the interest(s) of the agent's principal(s). Public employees in democracies and privateenterprise employees are agents. Their principals are the citizens or the owners, respectively. With certain exceptions, it is not generally possible under this definition to bribe a principal. Some transactions with a hereditary sovereign, as a principal, might still be corrupt or unethical on some other basis. Gifts and entertainment expenses are important even in advanced market economies.

The pharmaceutical industry is well known for company gifts to business customers, such as physicians. Reciprocal exchange relationships may be highly established in some societies, such as Japan and China. In Japan, ritual and courtesy are still very important in social and economic relationships. A classic instance of a gift economy is China. The guanxi networks of gifts, obligations, and reciprocity are reportedly important sources of personal influence in business and government circles. These networks are systems of trust relationships for mutual support through favors.

Such networks may function in some circumstances as patron-client relationships, which were important in ancient Rome. Multinational enterprises commonly have policies and guidelines governing gifts and entertainment expenses for customers and from suppliers. In general terms, for U.S. and European companies, some "reasonable and limited expenses" by employees may be acceptable for gifts, entertainment, and customer travel and living expenses in connection with promotion or contract execution. Employees may sometimes accept purely nominal-value gifts and entertainment expenses from suppliers.

With respect to both customers and suppliers, there must be no appearance of impropriety and no improper advantage sought (a violation of the FCPA, as amended). Accurate records must be maintained and local anti-bribery laws, as well as the FCPA, must be obeyed.

The Gift-Giving

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Role of a Teacher in Society

The role of a teacher in society is both significant and valuable.It has far-reaching influence on the society he lives in and no other personality can have an influence more profound than that of a teacher. Students are deeply affected by the teacher's love and affection, his character, his competence, and his moral commitment. A popular teacher becomes a model for his students. The students try to follow their teacher in his manners, costumes, etiquette, style of conversation and his get up. He is their ideal.

He can lead them anywhere. During their early education, the students tend to determine their aims in life and their future plans, in consultation with their teachers. Therefore, a good and visionary teacher can play a prominent role in making the future of his students while as a corrupt teacher can only harm his students much more seriously than a class of corrupt and perverted judiciary, army, police, bureaucracy, politicians or technocrats. A corrupt and incompetent teacher in not only a bad individual, but also an embodiment of a corrupt and incompetent generation. A nation with corrupt teachers is a nation at risk; every coming day announces the advent of its approaching destruction.

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The importance of a teacher as an architect of our future generations demands that only the best and the most intelligent and competent members of our intelligentsia be allowed to qualify for this noble profession. It is unfortunate to find that generally the worst and the most incapable people of the society find their way into this profession. Anyone who fails to find an opening in any other walk of life, gets into this profession and recklessly plays with the destiny of the nation. An important reason for this is understood to be the poor salaries of our primary and secondary teachers which are no better than that of clerks. A large number of our teachers is , therefore, frustrated and disinterested.

Role of a Teacher in Society

They have to go for part-time jobs to meet their basic needs. Again, the teaching profession also does not enjoy due respect in the society. The primary and secondary teachers are particularly at a disadvantage. Their status is lower than that of doctors, engineers, advocates, civil servants; even lower than that of semi literate and illiterate traders. It would therefore require great commitment for an intelligent individual, however fond of education and training he may be, to forsake the career of a doctor or engineer in favour of teaching. Therefore, while selecting good teachers, it must be borne in mind that better opportunities,prospects and perks are offered to the teachers.

When we speak of good teachers it means that a teacher must be a model of faith and piety and should have a fairly good knowledge . A teacher should consider it his duty to educate and train his students and should feel responsible for it. He should feel that his students have been entrusted to him and he should avoid any breach of the trust the society has reposed in him. He should be a sociable person with his roots in the society. People should take him as their well-wisher and a sincere friend who cares for their children. It should be ascertained at all cost that a candidate for this profession has a natural acumen and aptitude for teaching.

He should actively participate in the social activities in a positive way. He should know the art of teaching with a deep insight into child psychology. He should always deal with the students in a just manner. He should not lose his self-control on mistakes his students may commit, and instead he should respect their feelings and ego, and should try to understand and resolve their difficulties with grace while keeping his cool. He should be able to smile in the face of bitter criticism on his opinions, and should not feel ashamed or humiliated to accept his mistakes wholeheartedly.

He should be proud of his culture, his national dress and his national language.He should be a missionary, a mentor, a reformer and a guide besides being a dedicated tutor. In other words, he should be a perfect teacher and a perfect educationist.
While highlighting the role of a teacher in the society, it is imperative to involve the role of parents, too, in the process of character building of the students. In the past, parents and teachers both used to make the best of their efforts to provide an atmosphere to their children congenial to the development of higher virtues and morals. But the gross social change over the last fifty years, large scale urbanization, ruthless competition for financial gains, and heavy preoccupation in everyday life deplete all time and energy from the parents, leaving behind little time or energy for them to monitor their children.

Whatever time they have at their disposal is consumed by newspapers, television and other recreations. As a result, the younger generation hardly gets any opportunity to share ideas with their elders or to enter into a meaningful discussion. On the other hand, this idea is gaining ground among us that education is not meant to build up better human beings, but only to get better jobs. Consequently, the students' minds are obsessed with better jobs and dreams for higher social status.It is,therefore,duty of the parents, too, to take active interest in the day-to-day progress of their children both in and outside the institution and apprise them of the real meaning of education.

Role of a Teacher in Society

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Thirty Totally Free Gift Ideas

Stop laughing! Not all great gifts have to cost a fortune. In fact, some of the best are absolutely free. Skeptical? Well, here's proof with thirty all-occasion free gift ideas:

1. Give them breakfast in bed.
2. Print them off a handmade coupon for a back massage.
3. Cook a special dinner for a friend or loved one.
4. Give someone a special a day of pampering.
5. Write a poem or a quote in honor of someone's birthday.
6. Clip the coupons from Sunday's paper and mail them in a card to a frugal shopper.
7. Create a drawing or painting that has special meaning.
8. Make them a piece of jewelry out of seashells or pine cones.
9. Fill up a glass jar with sea stones and tie raffia around the top.
10. Light a candle and run a warm bath for that special person.
11. Send an e-card or online greeting.
12. Print off information on a topic of interest to someone.
13. Pass along a family heirloom or something that has sentimental value.
14. Surprise someone with a picnic using food that you already have on hand.
15. Leave a message on the bathroom mirror using toothpaste or lipstick.
16. Make cookies or fudge and wrap them in tissue paper.
17. Send an e-mail that lists out the reasons why they are special or why you love them.
18. Pick them up a free kitten or free puppy.
19. Give them an old photograph that has been tucked away for some time.
20. Create a hobby scrapbook with images, articles and tidbits about their favorite activity.
21. Check out a book at the library for someone and return it for them on time.
22. Give them a seedling to grow using one of your own plants.
23. Find a funky shaped rock and write a story about what it reminds you of.
24. Sew together pieces of old clothing for a truly unique table runner.
25. Create a gift voucher for one hour of doing whatever they want.
26. Weed their garden for them or rake their lawn.
27. Decorate a household utensil with craft items you have on hand.
28. Give them a hug.
29. Give them a kiss.


Don't be embarrassed if you are a little short on cash or if you want to try one of these free gift ideas. The best gifts really do come from the heart.

Thirty Totally Free Gift Ideas
Thirty Totally Free Gift Ideas

The best gift you can give to everyone you love is Security. And there's nothing that says "I Love You" more than making your family prepared for emergencies! []

Do you have enough food to last a 3 day snow storm? Can you heat the house if the power goes out? Does your teenager have a tire jack and set of jumper cables in their car? Hurricanes, blizzards, car troubles and natural disasters happen all the time, and to make life even more uncertain the economy is looking shakier every day!

Give the amazingly loving gift of basic emergency survival [] before it's too late to help the ones you love...

Christmas Gift Ideas For the Elderly

It can be hard to buy Christmas gifts for the elderly people in our lives that we love. Many of these wonderful people are not capable of participating in the hobbies they once did, they have all the household items they need and the clothing items they need. At first thought, we may be at a lost at what to buy them that they will not only like, but may actually need.

Yet, there are a number of different things you can buy and a number of different services you can offer or you can pay someone else to do, that will not only brighten their holiday season, but may make their holiday season a little easier for them.


Here are a few suggestions.

Christmas Gift Ideas For the Elderly

--Offer to clean their house once a week or help them to maintain their yard. If you don't have the time or think they would prefer a stranger to do these services for them, you could hire a cleaning service or a yard care service for them.

--Do you have a child in your household who always needs extra money? Is the child old enough to wash dishes? Discuss the idea of the child going over to the house once or twice a week to the dishes for him/her. You pay the child.

--Do you love to bake or cook? Bake a cake, pie or prepare a meal for the person.

--Give a gift basket filled with bath supplies. Include items such as sponges, lotions and soaps. Make sure the products are filled with moisturizes. As we age, our skin becomes dryer and dry skin can become rough and irritated.

--Give food baskets filled with anything from cookies, candies, meats, breads, wines, and crackers and cheeses and everything in between. Make sure anything that needs to be refrigerated, gets refrigerated as soon as possible.

--Offer to take the person to the grocery store or even to do their grocery store shopping or them.

--Visit them early (before the actually Christmas holiday). Ask if they need help decorating. Give them a whole afternoon of your time. Be sure to also help put the decorations away after the holidays are finished.

--Would the person enjoy a massage? Do you have a massage therapist in town? Old bones tend to hurt, especially in the cold seasons.

--Want a gift they can unwrap? Think about warm robes, warm slippers and even warm throws. Yes, they may have these all ready. But with age these tend to lose their softness. Be sure to buy the softness one you can find.

--Check and see if the person still has a working record player. Yes, record player. Older people still have a collection of records from their past. But many may not have a working player. Yes, you can still buy these. Sometimes they come in combination packages that include a CD player and radio. If the records are in storage, offer to help the person get them out and then set up the player for them to enjoy.

It can be hard to buy for the elderly. For one thing, they may feel like they have everything they need and want. In some cases, they actually may have. But we still have to take the initiative and we still have to try and find a special Christmas gift and special gift ideas for the elderly people in our lives. It is one way we can show them how much we love and cherish them.

Christmas Gift Ideas For the Elderly

Jeffrey Meier at Jam727 Enterprises at blog offers even more detailed information on a wide variety of topics.

Family Christmas Gift Exchange Games

It used to be that families had no rules about gift buying. Everyone bought for everyone else, and gifts were exchanged when the family all got together somewhere during the Christmas season.

These days, it's more common for people to draw a name out of a hat or get assigned a person to buy for. Or the family creates a type of "white elephant" exchange instead of having family members buy for individuals in particular. So, what many families need is a fun way to exchange the gifts, whether they be for a specific person or whether they are 'white elephant" type gifts.


If the family members drew names, there are several fun things you can do. The gifts can be hidden and clues given as to the location of the gifts. So, if you arrive at grandma's house with your gift for Aunt Martha, you might tuck her gift into a kitchen cabinet. Then you'd create a series of clue as to here it is. You might say, "Cinnamon lurks here" or "it's the hub of the home, but not always the home of the hub".

Family Christmas Gift Exchange Games

The clues can be silly or deadly serious. They can be designed so someone will know where to find their present in just minutes, or designed so that it takes a series of clues to get someone right to their gift. If the group is small or the house particularly large, and the participants have the time you can always create a hunt where more than one tip is left and one tip leads to another, which leads to another until the gift is finally found.

Why should the kids have all the fun? Create some fun gift exchange ideas for adults. Whether the family is doing a name draw and exchanging regular gifts or not, you can have some good family fun with a white elephant gift exchange. How about a themed white elephant gift exchange? If the family is into fishing, you could create that as a theme. Everyone must bring a gift related to fishing (this could be anything from sporting goods items, to a singing bass that goes on the wall). It could be a hand held electronic fishing game or a board game with fishing as a theme.

In that same vein, you could create a "cooking" white elephant exchange or a camping themed gift exchange. Again, it's more about what will please members of the family than anything. Then create some fun games for the exchange itself. Perhaps everyone draws a number and gets to pick their gifts from the pile in the middle based on their number. Perhaps you begin the game that way, but then also people to 'steal' someone else's gift if they choose.

You can require that the gift recipient shakes a gift, studies a gift and makes a good, educated guess as to its contents before opening it. If they are right, they can "steal" someone else's gift, but if they are wrong, they keep theirs. Add to the silliness factor by playing a card game and dictating that people can't get their gift and open it until they win a hand in the card game (ideally something fairly quick like poker or rummy).

The idea behind any family gift exchange should be enjoying each other's company and enjoying the Christmas spirit. As long as it's fun and engaging, there's no reason why the adults in the family can't have some fun games for exchanging gifts just the kids might.

Family Christmas Gift Exchange Games

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Inexpensive Gifts to Make at Home - Ideas For the Budget Conscious

If money is tight or short for one reason or another, there are plenty of ideas for inexpensive gifts to make at home. There are gift ideas for men and women as well as boys and girls. It also doesn't matter what the reason is for the gift. You could need a gift for a baby shower, graduation, anniversary, or house-warming. Whatever your reason, you can make an inexpensive gift at home.

This article will give you some ideas for inexpensive gifts to make at home.

\"teacher Gift\"

o Gift in a jar

Inexpensive Gifts to Make at Home - Ideas For the Budget Conscious

Gifts in a jar are great inexpensive gifts to make at home. They are so much fun to make and are perfect for a single person or a family that is always on the go. You can find recipes online for whatever you are looking for. Soups, cake mixes, brownies, or pancake mixes are just a few of the ideas you can include in a jar. All you do is add the dry ingredients to the jar and seal it. On the outside you can decorate the jar in anyway you want to go with the reason for the gift. Then you print or write out the recipe and attach to the jar with a ribbon. Then add a bow to the top and it's ready to go.

o Pictures

Here is another good idea for inexpensive gifts to make at home. If you have pictures of family members, friends, or an event you can create a collage of pictures. To do this you will need to either print or develop the pictures, and then you will need construction paper or poster board and glue or tape. Put the pictures in whatever order you wish, then secure them to the paper. You can write little notes or add stickers above or below each picture. You can add a frame to this, but the price goes up when you do that, so it's just as nice to give it without the frame.

o Candles

Do you have candles sitting around, that you have never used? Candles are perfect if you are looking for inexpensive gifts to make at home. A neat idea for women is to give candles. Take four or five votives and put them in plastic wrap then use a ribbon around the top and add a nice card. You can also use a basket and add a holder to the votives.

Hobby stores have kits that you can purchase that will show you how to make candles yourself. These kits make quite a few candles so you could have several gifts from one kit if you went with this option.

Hobby stores may also have other kits that are reasonable in price that contain several things that you can make and give away. These stores sometimes have free classes that you can take that will help you with inexpensive gifts to make at home.

Just because funds are tight doesn't mean you can't give a nice, thoughtful and creative gift. There are many ideas for inexpensive gifts to make at home. Look at what you have around the house and think about what you know how to make. You may be surprised at how quickly you come up with inexpensive gifts you can easily make at home.

Inexpensive Gifts to Make at Home - Ideas For the Budget Conscious

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