Unique Gifts for a 21-Year-Old's Birthday

Strike up the band and roll out the barrel! Because someone...somewhere...is turning 21. Now if you want unique gifts for a 21-year-old's birthday, stay tuned. Because we are about to uncover some fabulous gift ideas.

What is your 21-year-old interested in? It might be travel, music, jewelry, sports, food, car accessories, or a gift of money. He or she might want an action gift such as a vacation, skydiving, or a gym membership.


However big or small your birthday gift is, remember that it really is the thought that counts. Your 21-year-old will love you for thinking of him or her.

Unique Gifts for a 21-Year-Old's Birthday

So, if you are ready, relax and take a look at some unusual gift ideas.

A Fine Watch -

A 21-year-old delights in receiving gift like this. A couple of pricey watches are a Cartier and a Braguet, for example. These are gifts that last a lifetime. They will always remind the 21-year-old of you.

USB Guitar -

If your birthday boy or girl wants to set up a recording studio, this gift is the way to do it. With a USB guitar and cable, you can turn your computer into a recording studio. Get a full orchestra sound with MP3 songs for backup and you are all set to hit the big time.

Pocket GPS -

You can help keep that 21-year-old on the right path with a portable GPS with Bluetooth technology. This system has a touch screen, a voice guide, and a visual map. It easily switches from car to pedestrian mode. Bluetooth also allows you to use your cell phone handsfree.

Video Camera -

This gift is just right for someone who wants to record a trip, capture a party, or simply film the great outdoors on a bike ride in the country. It straps securely to your wrist, to the handlebar of your bike or on top of your helmet. Wherever you go, you have only to aim and shoot.

Underwater Diving Vacation -

Offer your 21-year-old the vacation of his or her lifetime. A travel adventure to Bermuda, Jamaica, or Cancun, Mexico is just the thing. These are outstanding diving spots complete with diver's training, diving equipment, and underwater tours. Cancun even offers cave diving and underground river exploration. What could be better than that?

Shopping for unique gifts for a 21-year-old's birthday can be a fun experience. And, think of the joy your gift will bring to that 21-year-old and the delight it will bring to you as well.

Unique Gifts for a 21-Year-Old's Birthday

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