Remember to Thank Your Teachers During National Teacher Appreciation Week

No matter what we do, we all like to feel appreciated for the effort that we put out. Doctors, lawyers, secretaries, crossing guards, sanitation workers, and even moms and dads that do not work out side of the home all want to feel appreciated. We do not always receive the recognition that might make our duties more enjoyable, but we are still there doing the best jobs that we can.

Educators especially may feel under-appreciated at times. Less-than-cooperative students (at times), late nights grading papers and preparing lesson plans, parent conferences( with sometimes less-than-happy parents), numerous staff meetings, teacher in-service training sessions, paperwork (and lots of it), spending portions of their own paychecks for teaching supplies and rewards for their students - - the list goes on. There are so many things that teachers do at school and away from school for which they are neither recognized nor appreciated. So, as National Teacher Appreciation Day approaches this May 4th, as part of an entire week of teacher appreciation, we should all take some time to honor those teachers that make a difference in our lives and in the lives of our children.

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Teacher Appreciation Week takes place May 3rd through 7th this year and there are a variety of ways that you can show teachers that they are appreciated. This might be as simple as writing a note thanking him or her for all that they do. But, it could also include a special treat as well. This year, consider a gift to show those valued teachers just how thankful you are to have them. There are a variety of gifts that you could give, including gift baskets, gift cards, framed gifts, letters of appreciation, personalized teacher gifts, or even a fruit gift basket. Whatever you are able to do, no matter how small, it will be appreciated and loved as you share these special thank-yous with the teachers.

Remember to Thank Your Teachers During National Teacher Appreciation Week

Don't forget that your children often have more than one teacher that is important to them. They have their classroom or homeroom teachers, as well as teachers for other subjects, including music teachers, physical education teachers, computer teachers, school media specialists, Spanish teachers, reading specialists, and teacher's aides. There are so many people that impact your children each day! Remember to take some time to give them a special thank-you this year.

Teachers inspire us in so many ways; from helping us learn the basics, to supporting and guiding us as we reach for the stars. Help those teachers to feel inspired this National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 3rd through 7th, so they can be re-energized to continue doing the wonderful jobs that they have been doing.

Remember to Thank Your Teachers During National Teacher Appreciation Week

Here's a fun and free way to say thank you to the teachers we love! Submit your child's summary on why their teacher is the best and win a fruit basket delivered straight to the winning teacher. Plus they will receive the winner's framed article along with a You're #1 Teacher bag! Hurry, the contest ends on April 21st! Sign Up Here: and win an apple for the teacher!